waiting on a fabric shipment to start on my CBF costume so i have nothing interesting to share bUT i got a new dressform today!! it’s a professional dressform from the shop company and i love it. wtf.

it was kind of an impulse buy since they finally got my size in stock for the first time (funnily i bought the display form on the left because i thought they’d never stock my size) so now i have two… maybe i’ll actually use the display one for display purposes now.

Posted on Apr 16
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monthly “i’m not dead” post:
1. i slept for all of spring break instead of sewing like i said i would パァ( ᐛ👐)
2. i’m hosting SF CBF’s cosplay contest! the information is here: https://m.facebook.com/events/244987089019822 (i’m on mobile wtf how do i post links)
come say hello to me if you’re attending!
3. i’m doing a junko shoot today. pics will be up whenever i get them back!
4. i’m going to krakencon tomorrow as senketsu ver. satsuki w/ my friend as gamagoori! i have more of the costume done than this but i passed out before i could take a pic… LOL…

my amazing friend ken made kouryu for me! this was super short notice (he made this in a week wowie) so i won’t have gako this weekend but i will have both swords by fanime + my bakuzan!! i’ll be painting and wrapping the handle tonight so i’ll hopefully have pics tomorrow.

also i’m making like 4 school uniforms before fanime so i’ll have my tutorial updated with photos soon. Oooo

2014 Fanimecon Kagerou Project Gathering


This post is linked to the official forum thread for the 2014 Kagerou Project Gathering at Fanimecon (San Jose Convention Center, May 23-26, 2014). 

If you’d like to be added onto the character list, feel free to send me an ask with the name of the character you’ll be planning on cosplaying, reply/reblog this post with the same information, or reply to the linked thread. 

At the same time, I really need suggestions/preferences for a set and specific date, time, meeting place, and location to host this gathering. Suggestions for photoshoot ideas are welcome, as well.

*We will also be using the tag #kagefanime for posts related to this gathering.*

Extra Notice: Fanime will be taking group pictures during the Gathering/Event this year. If you do not want to be included in those pictures please step aside for those photos. By remaining with the group when the pictures are being taken you give your consent to be photographed.

working on school uniforms again! 3 of them actually (wow is anyone surprised)

anyway small update post to let everyone know that i am working on rewriting the sailor fuku tutorial to make it more beginner friendly and less “wrote a bunch of garbage at 3am while exhausted”. and i’ll have actual photos this time (!) to make it easier to follow along instead of my really bad MS paint drawings. thank you all for the great reception of it so far?!

also if anyone is going to norcal spring gathering on 3/15, i will be there! don’t wanna say what i’m making yet since i might wear something else BUT i will post about it before the gathering…………

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I wasn’t going to post this until I had something of substance to post but since I mentioned it in the last ask:

I have a Facebook page now! And an Instagram!! My IG account is probably more relevant to peoples’ interests since I post all of my dumb anime shit there, but I’ll be posting WIPs there too when I don’t feel like they’re pretty enough to post to my tumblr. Feel free to follow if you want! 

(I swear I’ll sew something this weekend lmao my tumblr has been completely devoid of stuff recently)

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Hello! I was wondering whether you could possibly give me some tips about sewing. I haven't had a lot of experience with sewing dresses in particular, but I've taken a semester course of sewing last year (grade 9, I'm currently in grade 10 [15 years old]). As a part of the grade 10 curriculum course, it is compulsory for each student to do a personal project; a project of their choice. For mine I'm planning on doing a sailor-lolita dress, and I was looking at your seifuku tutorial. //cont.

//cont.// And I was planning on using the tutorial for the top that you made for the top area of my dress, but with shorter sleeves. I was wondering whether you think it would be possible to use that top bit, and then for me to attach the bottom area, and then to cover the stitches, make a wide sailor-style belt. Since I don’t have a lot of experience with sewing clothing, I’m not sure if it would look correct if I did it like this. Could you give me your opinion? Thanks in advance!!

Hi anon! What you want to do is actually how a lot of dresses are made - with a separate bodice and skirt, so I think it would look perfect!! I went on Lolibrary and found an example of exactly what you’re talking about: [link] and -> here <- is the search page with the keywords I put in, in case you want more inspiration!

Now the problem with this dress is that the side zipper will become useless if you add in a skirt, so it will be extremely hard to pull over your head. A lot of lolita dresses have shirring in the back to solve that problem, but you can also modify the front to have a button placket that crosses the bodice/skirt seam, like a lot of the examples on the page I linked, or add an elastic waist. I think the last one would be your best bet since you don’t have much experience with clothing. 

Good luck with your dress and I hope it comes out well! :) If you need more guidance, feel free to send me another ask or message me on my facebook page (I think I turned on messaging? yeah)!

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wowie kazowie i didn’t realize how long my post was before i posted it so here’s a selfie of me as komaeda from AOD because i haven’t posted enough cosplay recently. also, sorry for the dash spam ;o;

costume belongs to storiae/grace who graciously let me borrow it since… last… august…LOVE U

I’ve gotten a few asks here and there about where to buy the Japanese pattern books that I’ve mentioned in my sailor uniform tutorials, and I totally didn’t realize that I didn’t put a disclaimer in there about how beginner unfriendly these books are, so I’m really sorry if I come off as being rude when I try to discourage people from buying them! I wrote a long reply to an ask a while back about this here but since I have my patterns out for retracing I thought I’d make a post with photos to better demonstrate what I mean.

This is the book that my base school uniform pattern is from and underneath it is one of the pattern sheets from the back of the book. Japanese pattern books don’t include individual tissue paper patterns for each of the designs in their books; instead, they either give directions for drafting the pattern or print their patterns out on sheets much like the one above. The books I own all come with 3 double-sided sheets, and as you can see from above: all of the patterns are printed on the same sheet with the sizes nested on top of one another. Some books don’t come with multiple sizing for the patterns (Cosmode’s DX volume, for example). The patterns also don’t come with seam allowances added to the pattern so you have to add them on yourself after tracing them out. 

The bottom photo is the sizing chart for the book pictured above; LL is the largest size and the measurements in inches are B35, W27, H38 for a height of 63 inches (or 5’2”!) In clothing sizes, this is roughly a size S/M, or a size 4. If your measurements are larger, then you’ll have to grade the pattern up (which only really works when going up or down 2 sizes or so), and blowing a pattern up to fit your measurements usually won’t work because of different body proportions.

Also, the obvious: the instructions for all of the patterns are in Japanese, so unless you can read Japanese, you won’t have directions telling you how to put the pieces together. The instructions do have photos for some of the steps, but some essential directions are text-only.

If you’re an advanced sewer and can work around these issues then I highly recommend all of the books that I mention because they’re really great resources for cosplay and you get a ton of patterns for the price! If you’re a beginning sewer then I would recommend looking towards English language patterns that have the same type of shape which can then be modified into the kind of pattern you want. These books are kind of pricey to invest in so don’t spend $30+ on a book unless you’re sure you can use it.

I’m currently working on a few school uniforms and I’ll be revamping my tutorials with actual photos, so I can include some links to English language patterns that can be used as an alternative for anyone who needs help once I get that info up! Sorry for the super long post.

Posted on Feb 09

I got a new toy over winter break (the serger) and another one today! I finally have some fancy sewing supplies after 7 years ;_; (sorry for the poor lighting, it’s really overcast today)

I have nothing else to put on the dressform so this is a Ryuko costume I started before AOD and ditched because I ran out of fabric and it ended up being way… too short… I’m really sad because I liked how the collar came out a lot, but I will remake it!! soon. when I feel up to it. (also that isn’t my skirt, it’s just a black skirt i had in the closet)