Hello everyone! First of all, I hit 100 followers a little while ago and I’d like to thank all of you for finding my tumblr interesting enough to follow it!;; I started this tumblr in Feb as a place to dump my sewing photos, and never thought I’d have this much support, so thank you all!

I haven’t had much to post after AX since I started sewing the week before JX but by then I was too busy to sit down and actually make a post… Here’s some photos I took over the last week. Tumblr user togamkunai came over to my house and we spent the entire time working on costumes and prepping for JX. We put together 4 costumes (Celes, Chiaki, Mukuro, Kibougamine uniform) in about 3-4 days, but I ended up only wearing Celes and Mukuro in the end;; I cosplayed Naegi for the short time I was at the con on Friday, Danganronpa IF Mukuro for most of Saturday, and Celestia for the rest of Saturday and Sunday! My friends and I did a really dumb photoshoot at 4am with Celes and Togami so I’ll be posting those up as soon as I… get them… 

Also, I know the last picture isn’t cosplay-related but Sadamoto drew me a tiny Asuka on my signboard SOOO yeah. Japan Expo was fun!! I’ll be at Sacanime this weekend for a day or two as Naegi and Celes, so I hope to see some people there! (If there’s a DGRP gathering could someone please tell me the time and location? I’m really bad at looking these things up)

Posted on Aug 27, 2013
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